Review Time : Flour & Chocolate Bakery


Having seen the Cronuts craze around the world, it’s great to see this craze also hit Brisbane.

Upon arrival one can see behind the large glass windows, croissants, palmiers, donuts and sweet treats glistening and beckoning. One side of the shop is pastries and the other is European deli-style fine goods. Best of both worlds.

The Goods: Flour and Chocolate is not your average bakery. With everything made on premise, using the best ingredients they really are setting the standards of what a artisan bakery should be. The stand out dish for me is their brownies, fudgy, intense flavour and moist. They also won a SBS best croissant award and its well deserved. Kialla organic flour is used and its very light and buttery. I always:

1. Break my croissants
2. Check the texture and layers
3. Crumbage their should always be crumbs
4. Lastly take a big whiff of the bread and make sure I can smell the buttery goodness.
Yes They passed the test with flying colours!!

The Half Baked: The Cronut. Yes, such an amazing revolutionary concept but deep in my heart I am a traditionalist and I like my croissant a croissant and my donut a donut. They are delicious but I find them just a tad oily from the frying.

Inside Tip: Wednesday and Thursday is donut day. The flavours change, but check their Facebook page for updates.

Hangout Factor: Unfortunately there is no seating for diners but one store down is a take out coffee shop that does have seating but you may have to eat your baked goods incognito.

Liquids: Again, unfortunately it is only a bakery but a door down is a coffee shop where you can buy coffee and eat your baked goods. If they ever introduced coffee and seating this place would be even better, especially if you come from afar to try, it would be nice to sit down and eat all your treats.

Round Up: Everything in their shop is beautiful, goods baked on premise so you can smell this place a mile way!! Give yourself a treat and check it out. They are one of the best bakeries our city offers.


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