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Sunday morning….rain is falling and so are Pancakes with a Berry Compote!


I love nothing better then surprising the family with pancakes!!! It’s the one breakie that seriously wakes them out of their slumber.

Most of the time my 8 year old son will yell out, “tell me it’s not real!”.
And inevitably I yell back, “it’s real darling wake up if you want some.”

The house smells of berries and pancakes, and for some reason it lingers on for the whole day. Feeding a family of 5 I tend to o.d on the amount of pancake batter and could open a small breakfast bar with the amount of pancakes I make, but by mid afternoon they are usually all gone!

Hope you like making these with a mixed berry compote.

Love Ms Fat Booty Bakes

Ingredients for pancakes (makes about 25) From Manger.

400 grs all-purpose flour
40 grs white sugar
10 grs baking powder
700 ml buttermilk
100 ml milk
3 eggs
60 grs butter, melted
a pinch of salt

15 grs butter (for frying)
Berries for garnishing

Mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Mix the eggs with the buttermilk, milk and melted butter. When you are ready to make the pancakes, mix all the ingredients together and stir well. Please not that the thicker you batter is, the thicker your pancakes will be. If you prefer finer pancakes, the batter should be smoother. You can decide with how much milk you add.
Heat a skillet or large frying pan with a small cube of butter. Scoop one ladle of batter to make a round pancake (I do about 3 in my pan). When you start seeing bubbles forming (about 2 minutes) flip over. Pancake should be golden brown. Serve hot with maple syrup and berries.

If you want to make banana or blueberry pancakes, simply add in the batter.




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