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Fig Tart


I am a big believer in fresh, seasonal produce. I always base my dishes on what’s in season. At my local fruit shop there were a large punnet of figs on sale – so I bought them and made a lovely fig tart that I had wanted to make 5 months ago but could not find figs anywhere!

Figs are extremely nutritious high in iron, calcium, and potassium. Well here is my fig secret : traditionally they are also meant to help with sexual weakness 🙂  ::not that Ms Fat Booty Needs Help With That:: The remedy requires one to soak about two to three figs in milk overnight and eat the same next morning. So who wants a fig now!!!

Oh yeah back to my tart…..The recipe below is from The Gumnut Patisserie which has won 44 medals at the Sydney Easter Show. This tart is a sell out at their Patisserie however if you can’t make it to Bowral this is as close as it gets.

Peace n Bakes Miss Fat Booty.



10 figs, cut into wedges (alternatively, use 250g strawberries, cut in half)

Sweet dough
110g butter, softened
110g caster sugar
1 egg
240g flour
2.5g baking powder
Vanilla bean (optional)

Clafoutis mix
2 eggs
35g caster sugar
165ml pouring cream
½ tbsp kirsch


Preheat the oven to 190°C.

To make the sweet dough, combine the butter and sugar together in a mixer. Add the egg, and scrape down the sides. Add the dry ingredients and again scrape down the sides. Rest for 1 hour.

Roll out the dough, remembering to roll in different directions with your rolling pin. Carefully lay the pastry over a pastry ring, 20cm x 2cm, on a lined, flat baking tray, ensuring there are no cracks or holes in the pastry. If there are cracks, lightly bake the case blind for five minutes with baking beans. Egg wash the case and bake without the beans for a further 2 minutes.

For the clafoutis mix, crack the eggs into a bowl. Whisk in the caster sugar, followed by the cream and kirsch. Line the tart base with fresh figs, cut side up.

Pour over the clafoutis mix. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the clafoutis mix is just set.


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